Latest cams

The most recently added webcameras.

Brattåsen - 1678 clicks.
Camera mounted on a mast in Brattåsen.
The square - 2193 clicks.
View over the square in Hällefors.
Webcam - 2013 clicks.
Camera showing the city square.
Strömstad - 2027 clicks.
Camera placed on the roof of the city hall.
Skrea beach - 1647 clicks.
View over Skrea beach.
Saareme Webkam - 1473 clicks.
User-controllable camera.
Bengtsfors county: Bengtsfors live - 1941 clicks.
Views from Bengtsfors.
Webcam Örnsköldsvik - 1806 clicks.
Webcam showing Centralesplanaden/ Storgatan. Updates every 7th sec.
Taberg - 1539 clicks.
View over Taberg.
Säffle City - 1567 clicks.
A roundabout in Säffle.